Fashionably Distressed Baseball Cap

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Way back when I was a kid, my friends and I loved old baseball caps.  

The rattier and more "broke in" the better!  Nobody wanted to be the guy wearing a Brand New hat!  The bill would be all flat and the peak stood tall and unbent.  We all thought that was so uncool. 

The things we intentionally did to our brand new hats to break 'em in was a little bit odd, a little bit silly, but completely necessary!

We threw them into mud puddles, drug them behind our bikes, let our kid sister or brother chew and slobber all over them, and one friend even convinced his uncle to run it over with his truck ... several times!  

Well, say goodbye to all that extra effort!   This sweet ball cap comes pre-distressed from the manufacturer! 

As soon as it arrives you can adjust the fit and wear it to the store or where ever and it will look like it has been with you for years!

Add this sturdy, conditioned hat to your collection Today while supplies last!

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