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This is where you can find some of the internet's 
more interesting gifts, gadgets, and gizmos!

These items haven't gotten much attention
or have been overlooked by the mainstream distributors.

Still, some of these items are just perfect
for those hard to buy for people.

And who says the gift has to be for someone else?

You may spy something that you want for yourself.

Around here self-gifting is encouraged!

That is a tiny bit of what this site is about.
I love slogging through endless pages
of repetitive products looking for those
skipped over diamonds!

For the rest of the story,
head over to the About page.

Take a look around,
pick something out,
and order today!

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To be honest, that contest thing,
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So sign-up, browse what we have to offer,
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Eric Cross
Fresh Deals on Fun Stuff

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