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The internet and more specifically the World Wide Web, is a nightmare world of false information, scammers, trolls, garish pages and endless ads. For someone trying to start an online business, there are endless distractions and hundreds of forums offering contradicting advice.

And don’t forget the scammers. These guys are like fast attack predators. They throw up a site with some amazing claims about a program to get you setup and selling your heart out in no time, put a call to action timer on the page and then direct traffic to it in any way possible.

They post their ads and links everywhere. It’s a simple numbers game for them. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of people who click the link will buy the program. No matter how poorly the grammar is, or outrageous the claims. Some people will still happily punch in their credit card number while dreaming about massive “hands-off” sales on Amazon or Ebay.

Little do they know that the “secret” “members-only” info they just paid $297 for can be found for free by doing a couple google searches. On top of that, the info is stale, often with a copyright from the early 2000’s.

In an ever changing global marketplace, 12-year-old info is about useless.

So they start to realize their mistake and decide to take the Double-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee. But the website is gone. The phone number on the pdf receipt is missing a digit, and the address (according to google maps) puts the World Headquarters directly in the center of the East River in New York.

That my friends, is not a good feeling.

But it gets worse because they got your credit card number, your address, and the security code off the back. Before you even arrive at the inkling that something isn’t right, your account has been drained. And because of the glories of the internet and its many, many poorly maintained and vulnerable systems, they have managed to take that one card and open several more credit accounts which they immediately drain.

The next morning when you remember that you paid with your credit card and call the bank to have it turned off, you are already too late. Not only is your account empty and all of your money gone, but for the next several months you will be getting bills for overdrawn and late pay accounts that you never even opened.

If you are lucky, your bank will reimburse you for any fraudulent charges. But they will most likely only do that for a short time until they decide that all fraudulent charges have passed through. So months later when the other accounts start arriving in your mail, they are going to be very reluctant to pay out more.

Approximately 15 million Americans a year, roughly 40,000 a day have their identity used fraudulently.  Don’t be a statistic. Take steps right away to protect yourself and your hard-earned finances.

  • Use proper password procedures
  • Never give out your social security number unless you are absolutely 100% sure of who you are giving it to
  • Never use your debit or regular credit cards for online purchases - get one of the pre-paid cards and only put on it what you are going to spend.
  • It’s best to only buy from trusted established online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc.
  • Before buying any informational packages, ebooks, or online memberships, do some quick searches using google. Often times you can find the same information for free.
  • Always do a search for reviews of the product or site that you are about to do business with. If there is anything hinky, you can bet people will be putting out the word
  • If possible, don’t have items shipped to your home. Amazon has a program called Amazon Locker where you can pick up your packages at a local retail store for free (only in certain cities), I believe FedEx is now offering a similar service.
  • Trust your instincts, if something sounds too good to be true … it probably is.

The web is a wild jungle full of people that want to separate you from your money. Most are genuine and you get exactly what you paid for. But a few are unscrupulous predators determined to cheat you out of your money. Buyer beware has never been more important.

Any questions or comment can be directed to me here if there isn’t a place down below.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck in all you do!

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