Open For Business ... where is everybody?

Store news Update

Well, June 1st came and went much as any other day does.  Quietly and without fanfare, this website, this e-commerce site, my booth at the Worlds Largest Garage Sale and Deluxe Emporium, went live.  Fully 100% ready to serve my customers.  Everything is for sale and nobody is buying.  Heck, hardly anyone is showing up.  The ones that do click on one of my ads and make it here, spend on average, 45.2 seconds on 4 pages.  A couple times I had people searching for things I don't carry and haven't advertised, (odd) but mostly just bouncers.

They click the link, bounce into the site, glance around, then bounce back out again.  Can't get mad, I've done it myself, bet you have too.  So what is the secret to slowing those people down, getting them to look at things more deeply than a quick scan.  Then after really looking at the pages, the layout, the flow, the links, the content ... then if they would just take a few more minutes and let me know what they think, why they did or didn't buy, how they got here, will they come back, and do they mind telling their friends?

Five days, going on six since the official launch date and only two customers.  Two.  And to be honest, I am related to both of them.  So, I will ask again, "where is everybody?"

Did I pick that saturated of a niche market?  Is it my timing?  My ad writing?  My blogging?Maybe I'm just not getting in front of enough people?  Advertising is expensive and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong.  In the last month, I have spent almost $200.00 (like $196 and change) and that earned me two customers.  Two customers whose combined orders don't quite pay for the $200 ad bill.  Pretty sure that is called operating at a loss.  Not what I was aiming for, was hoping to see the word Profit fairly soon.

I will not stop though, not until I run out of ideas, which is admittedly getting closer.  Moving forward I think I will concentrate on generating more organic traffic, less of the random ad clickers.  As we all know, web traffic is driven by content.  So I will be searching for and attempting to produce a higher quality of content, and much more of it.

So for now, I will be posting to these pages much more frequently (I hope) and also looking to add more than just my voice.  If anyone would like to contribute content to this site, it is so very simple.  Send me an email at with the subject NEW CONTENT and I will read it, rate it, and post it.  Anyone who gets posted also gets a discount at the store and their name posted for all to see and praise!

Get those creative juices flowing and start churning out fresh content for me ... please.


Thanks for listening and don't forget to leave a comment, rating or feedback.  Enjoy the rest of your day

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