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Hello all, well here it is, the latest and greatest Obscure Deals online store.  I've spent the last few months gathering data and looking at options for moving forward.  As luck would have it and in the true spirit of why this store is being setup, I have found some interesting, entertaining, funny and just plain odd items out there.  So I am gathering them together to present for your shopping convenience here at Obscure Deals.  Look around and see what I've come up with so far.  But don't forget to come back as I still have many more items and categories to add and the list is growing continuously.

Let's go shopping!

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  • Eric on

    Well folks I’m sorry, but the Early Bird 50% off special is no longer with us. I have been forced by (possibly) saner minds to replace it with 10% off any order over $25.00. I know, big difference, right? This is exactly why someone should install a breathalyzer on this machine. Had a rather large glass of wine that night and felt very giving. When I saw the numbers I realized the difference between generously giving and stupidly giving away. So, 10% off any order over $25.00 and as always, shipping is FREE. Use code earlybird at checkout.

  • Eric - Site Operator on

    If you just read the post above like I just did, (should have read it before) I neglected to say exactly when the re-opening is. Well, technically it is open right now and ready for your business. There is still some construction/reorganization going on, but essentially it is done. Thank you, Shopify! I am spending the next few weeks working out any kinks and putting my advertising campaign together. Then sometime around the first of June or sooner I will make the big announcement to the world and throw the doors open! Until then, if you are lucky enough to be reading this and would like to make a purchase, I have a deal for you. First, free shipping on any order! Second, if you send me a message and let me know you are here, ready to order, before the official launch date (6/1/2017 or so), I will give you a %50 off Early Bird Special coupon that you can use on your next order! And finally, your name will go onto a list that will get notified about new products coming to the store! Don’t worry, I will never sell my list of names.
    So browse around, find something you like or a gift for someone else, send me a note for your coupon and buy, buy, buy!

    Also, leave a comment here or by email. I value constructive critisism and would like to hear what other people think.

    Thanks a lot!

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