Why Coffee Mugs?

People love having funny or inspiring or disturbing things printed on their coffee mugs!  Here are a few classics redone as simple black and white coffee mugs!  These are some of my old favorites along with some new ones!  All guaranteed to get a chuckle or a scowl from everyone exposed to them.

More than just Mugs!?!?

We also offer custom sayings printed on t-shirts, hoodies, hats, pendants, phone cases, posters, pillows and much more!  Contact me directly via email (amazongnome&gmail.com) to discuss how to get your custom saying printed on just about anything!  I will work with you to put together a volume priced package for your custom branded items whether it is one coffee mug or enough hats and shirts for the whole team!

New Stuff

As we bring in new products, they will show up here for a while.  Any new categories also.

And Finally ...

If you live in or around Portland Oregon, or know someone who does, then I have some extra special items just for you!  

Even if you don't, you may have seen that little TV show (Portlandia) that pokes fun at all the things that make Portland the city that it is.  Yes, we keep chickens in our back yards (but not roosters), we have one of the country's largest urban forest reserves, we have the world's Smallest Park (Mills End Park is just 2.5 feet in diameter), we have more strip clubs per capita than any other US city, we have more microbreweries than any other city in the world, we have the largest independently owned bookstore in the world (Powell's Books), we have a doughnut store that offers legal marriage ceremonies (VooDoo Doughnuts), we have a dormant volcano inside the city limits, we are home to the annual World Naked Bike Ride (13,000 naked cyclists) and yes, Portlanders commute to and from work by bicycle all year long, rain or shine!

And so this final section is dedicated to the city that I love and call home, Portland Oregon.

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